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Bundle of 2 Touch-Up Painters

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Can’t Clean it Off, Cover it UP. 3 oz.

Touch up Painter stores left-over paint securely in the air-tight tube until you need it. When ready for use simply twist the lid from store to paint to release paint on the fabric roller and roll onto your wall or trim to cover marks, scuffs, and repairs to small areas without tell-tale brush marks. 1 in. wide paint roller is designed for quick fixes on any surface. When finished, clean the roller for future use and re-seal the unit until next time. Ideal for rental units, high traffic areas and commercial use. Rollers provide a consistent finish without leaving brush marks and refills are available under Model #1859465. Use with all latex paints.

  • Designed for touch-ups and to cover marks and scuffs
  • Simply twist the lid to store or paint
  • Unit holds 3 oz. of paint
  • Store paint from a finished project and touchup later as needed
  • Ideal for rental and home use


5 reviews for Bundle of 2 Touch-Up Painters

  1. Miranda

    Perfect for quick touchups around the house! I fill mine with leftover paint during the painting process and then store it in the same room that was painted if possible (such as under the kitchen sink). This way if I see a mark I cannot clean off the wall, I grab my Shur-Line, roll it on, clean the roller & put it back for next time.

    This is my 2nd Shur-Line Touch Up Painter and I like the changes to this new model while still keeping some of the best features of the old.
    – Easy to use quickly when you need a touch up
    – Easy to clean afterwards
    – Stands up while filling (old one required either two people or propping it up in something else while you poured in the leftover paint)
    – See through bottom so that you can tell at a glance what color & how much remains.
    – No longer shaped strangely (my Mom thought the old one was a dildo!)

    Though I still gave it 5 stars, I do wish it came with a lid as the old one did. Not really a necessity with the new design so I understand why it was removed. It also seemed to hold less paint than the old one though I did not do a full compare. Either way it is probably more paint than I will ever use as touchups.

    I will be buying more!

  2. James

    Working great so far! We have a custom built home and I put leftover paint in each of these rollers. 6 months later and I’ve been able to touch up so many spots around the house!! Make sure you wash out the reservoir underneath the rollers or they will clog. I love these little guys, they reduce my stress of having a new home with 3 young kids running around!!

  3. Steve

    Love this product. I also plan to give it as a gift to my finicky relatives that can’t endure scuffed paint on the walls. I bought 3 of them and filled them with the 3 colors we used for our main floor. I placed them in zip lock bags and put them in a container along with the extra roller heads I ordered. One week after receiving them, I had to use one due a chair getting knocked against our dark gray wall. It worked very well and paint roller cleaned up nicely. The bottles aren’t very big and only hold 1/2 c of paint, or so, but that’s fine.

  4. Linda J.

    Great bargain! So handy for touchy up the paint and so easy to use – definitely going to buy another to use on the different paint we have ☺️

  5. Michael N.

    This is a great little product. It keeps the paint fresh, and it’s very handy to just grab and make touchups. I’m using it with my interior wall paint to touch up any marks I happen to notice. Just remember to wash the little roller thing after every use, and it would be good to also take off the top and wash that after using. I noticed that the paint inside the top dries after awhile, and you have to wash it to allow the paint to come through. Easier to wash it off when the paint is still wet inside, but I keep forgetting!

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