Trophy Rainbow Trout Powerbait

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  • Floating Trout Bait disperses advanced scent and flavor enhancers
  • Crystalina glitter reflects light and increases visibility
  • Infused with glitter to reflect light, increase visibility
  • Floating formula for maximum scent dispersion
  • Moldable, easy to use
  • 1.75 oz. jar


11 reviews for Trophy Rainbow Trout Powerbait

  1. Nick J.

    Went camping and CAUGHT RAINBOW TROUT!
    Can’t believe it. I suck at fishing and this really worked. I used a pretty small hook and covered it with enough to conceal the hook and tossed it out. Waited a bit and the pole started dancing around and I pulled out some great fish. I’m going to have to swear by this stuff now. For the price, just get it and try it. There were some young kids not too far from where I was, catching fish as well and when I walked over they had the exact same chartreuse glitter power bait and they were also using some that was garlic scented, that they said was also working great. I might have to try that as well. This stuff made me feel like a man in front of my wife. Caught fish, cut fish and cook fish on fire. Man.

  2. Aaron K. Garrett

    I have had both jars for several years now and every now and then I will use it and I almost always catch trout. I use it with a slip sinker and a fine wire treble hook. The treble hook holds the bait better than a single hook and you can cast it farther. I put enough Powerbait on to float the hook and use a 2-foot leader. Trout are nomadic and cruise around a lake. When they see a bright ball of Powerbait suspended off the bottom they will often take it. I have caught some pretty big trout using this method.

  3. Alex S.

    Awesome trout bait. Never thought it worked until I used it. Every time I go out I expect to catch something. Thanks!

  4. Trout Preferred

    I tried several times trout fishing. This color more than any other they hit more often. I even tried fishing this with a different colors and were able to get hits when the bites were slow. This particular bait out performed the other PowerBaits when I was fishing.

  5. Rainbow Glitter Extra Scent does the job very well.

    I just went out today and limited out within three hours with the rainbow glitter extra scent. Highly recommended. I rigged 4lb mono with TWO split shots(2 inches apart) about six inches above a gold size 8 Eagle Claw fine wire Aberdeen hook. Once I figured out they were on the bottom, they just started hitting.Good Times

  6. Magic Bait

    This stuff works like magic when it comes to reeling in the trout! Without a doubt some of the best bait you can use. I am very happy with this product. Just make a small ball on size 8 bait hook using 2lbs lead line, attach a swivel and an egg weight to the 4lbs main line. Now your ready to start bringing in the trout!

  7. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!

    Standing Bear lake (Omaha Nebraska) was recently stocked with 7000 trout. I was the only one catching them using the Floating Mice Tails and I put a dab of Powerbait glitter on as well. However, the mice tails were doing it on it their own. Got my limit in less than an hour.

  8. This always work…

    Best bait for trouts…
    Nothing works better than this…

  9. Go to bait for stocked trout in lakes and ponds

    This is the bait to use for stocked trout in lakes and ponds. Floats, so use it on a leader that allows it to float up above bottom weeds and mud where fish can get to it.

  10. Catch more fish …

    Ok. Here is a little secret. When the trout won’t bite on anything else, they still love the rainbow glitter power bait. It hasn’t failed me yet.

  11. Chartreuse on a size 14 treble, 2lb test, …

    Chartreuse on a size 14 treble, 2lb test, fishing off the bottom for stocked rainbows is just plain cheating. We always catch our limits and the folks with spinners, worms, flies, rooster tails, trolling, etc always wonder how my 5yo got a full stringer…

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