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ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT SLEEPING BAG — Dimension: 3.08 ft x 6.73 ft(37*80.7 inches), enough to accommodate an adult; Lightweight at 4.6 oz, it’s easy to carry. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Delmera’s Bivy survival sleeping bag comes rolled up inside handy nylon stuff drawstring bag sack so you can store it nearly anywhere. First aid sleeping bag is guaranteed, not easy to tear, good waterproof performance, strong wind resistance, strong insulation performance

STAY WARM AND ALIVE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS — Originally designed by NASA for space exploration, these insulating mylar bags provide compact emergency protection in all weather conditions by reflecting back and retaining 90% of a survival victim’s body heat. Furthermore, the bright orange color of the waterproof sleeping bag helps rescuers identify you with ease. The emergency sleeping bag serves as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and emergency bivy sack all-in-one

EMERGENCY USE AND EXTRA-THICK TEAR — Delmera Emergency Thermal Mylar Bags are ideal for all emergencies. They can be used to prevent and counter hypothermia by reducing heat loss from a person’s body, to cover injured victims in order to help reduce shock. Your ultra-lightweight survival sleeping bag is constructed of 26um extra-thick mylar material with a tear and puncture resistant coating so it stands up to extreme conditions

INCREDIBLY PACKABLE AND PROTECTION AGAINST RAIN, WIND — Light and massively compact emergency bivy with handy nylon stuff drawstring bag sack, so you can carry this sleeping bag with your survival kit everywhere you go without weighing yourself down. Heavy-duty aluminized PE interior material can resist rain, wind, snow and other external impact. We recommend keeping it with your survival kit, in your bug out bag, camping gear, and glove box so you have it ready when you need it

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your Emergency Thermal Blankets, Delmera will make every effort to serve you or you will be given your money back — no questions asked


  1. John J.


  2. Great!! seller hands writes thank you’s

    So i used this for the first time on a over night kayaking trip with my brother, and we slept in hammocks. that night it ended up pouring rain and being 48 degrees out and at first we were just laying on them but through out the night we got colder so ended up getting inside of the bag and it worked much better. I’m 6’2 and 235 lb and was plenty big for me. i would recommend this bag for a few reasons, 1 being that it is small and compacted and took up very little space, 2 it does work at keeping you warm and will repel water as well , 3 it’s pretty durable and held up great and im sure i can get another 20 plus uses out of it and 4 for the price its a great deal.

  3. Fit my fully clothed EXTRA-LARGE frame and had plenty of additional room.

    The product looks very small, but unfolded, it easily fit around me fully clothed – with additional room. (I weigh 290 pounds and am six foot two inches.) Once used, I feared it would not be easily put back into the accompanying stuff bag. I feared for no reason because I put it back into the bag with no problem.
    We purchased 4 so we could have one for each of us. I do not regret the purchase.

  4. 5.0 out of 5 stars It saved my 2 camping nights

    I purchased the Live Bivy emergency sleeping bag as a back up thinking that I would not need it during my backpacking trip. At night the actual temperature was colder than I expected and my 20° sleeping bag was not keeping me warm. After shivering for a while I decided to pull the Life Bivy out of its package and then I extended it on top of my sleeping bag. I started to feel warm immediately. It was a great feeling to be able to sleep warm. Get one of these and forget about expensive sleeping bags that promise to work at low temperatures.

  5. This product works

    Right after I bought this bag I put it to the test. The first time staying out in 15 degree weather in the middle of the woods I put my trust in this bag and it delivered period.

  6. A True Livesaver!

    I recently received my Life Bivy. I took it on a camping trip and decided to use it just to test out the material make up of this product and whether or not it can insulate me like the manufacturer says it can. Let me tell you this product did not disappoint me at all. I really tugged hard on it trying to tear the material and it just would not tear. Keep it mind that I did not use any type of sharp devices like a knife. Before repacking the bivy when I reached home I wanted to clean it so I shot it down with some water and I looked to see if the material was weatherproof and yes it is. No leaks whatsoever. Would I recommend this to a friend? You bet I would. Stores neatly and is compact. At this price I’m buying me a few more to keep in my car and my wife’s car as well.

  7. Don’t expect a sleeping bag!

    This product is great. Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Unpacking it I found exactly what I expected- a space blanket. For an experienced survivalist like myself, this was exactly what I needed for the just-in-case. For folks that expect to use it regularly for extra warmth, you’re packing the wrong gear and this bag won’t last a lifetime. Very pleased!

  8. Great for Survival!

    I bought this for my survival kit for when I take wilderness big game hunts. I have always assumed the guide had everything. After I got home this last trip, I began assembling a survival kit. Among other gear, I researched compact emergency sleeping bags that do the job and don’t take up a lot of space in your pack. This fit the bill and met my requirements. Do yourself a favor, do not put your life in the hands of a guide assuming he has the necessary equipment to keep you alive. Chances are that he doesn’t. My last guide did not have a sat phone or a personal locator device ( I’ll have a PLD on my next trip). He had an atv accident that broke a few ribs and banged him up , but we made it back to his truck. A grizzly had visited the fringe of our camp just an hour earlier. We were hunting around a remote lake and I learned that he had virtually no safety equipment for an emergency. I haven’t tried this yet, and I hope that I never have to, but I do want to return home vertical instead of horizontal. I’ll carry a well equiped survival kit from here on out and this life bivy will be in it! Good luck and safe hunting.

  9. Happy to Have in Emergency

    Kudos to the seller for getting me this product on time and as promised. It is as expected, an emergency cover/bivy, similar to the ones provided after a half-marathon you may have seen which are usually silver, but a bit more substantial, orange in color and seems waterproof. Bought it for my daughter who was recently stranded in her car in a blizzard. Adding it to an emergency kit for her car. I have not put it to the test but based on other reviews, it’s the real deal and will help retain body heat in an emergency. I did take it out of the drawstring bag and was able to fold and put it back no problem – I do dislike when an item will not fit back in the bag it came in!

  10. Compact and handy

    I have carried a bivy in my glove compartment for several years since I live in the northeast and it is handy for emergencies if I get stranded in a snow storm. My son got a job where he will be travelling on snowy upstate New York roads. I bought him this for his Christmas stocking. It looks well made and I will feel better knowing he will be prepared and warm if he gets stuck in a snow storm. He also likes to hike in the Adirondacks and I am going to suggest he pop this in his daypack when he hits the trail. Excellent product in a small compact size.

  11. What I Wanted

    If you are considering an “emergency” bivy sack, this is a good one to purchase. But note, this is for emergencies and survival. This is not something to carry around figuring that you would use it on a daily basis. Based on reviews, too many folks think that this is a substitute for carrying a sleeping bag. It is NOT. This item is lightweight and packaged in a convenient sack. Yes if you take it out to inspect, it does take a while to fold back up and to put in the sack. Also note, do not stick a sleeping bag inside this bivy unless in an emergency and you are getting drenched. This sack does not “breath” and you’ll get condensation build up. I can’t stress enough, this bivy sack is for emergencies and to keep you alive. It will protect you from precipitation and retain body heat. An item such as this is essential to any “bug-out” kit or back pack. I keep one in my truck and carry one whenever packing in the back country. IF I ever have to use this bivy sack, I plan to use it only once! Highly recommended.

  12. Emergency kit….

    for our car or for the bug out bags. I can’t speak as to the size or how comfortable since I’ve never used one. But, I trust these bags because I’ve heard so many good things about them. I don’t have room for a sleeping bag in my car but I have room for this compact bag. If my car ever breaks down away from home and it’s cold I have confidence that this bag will help me survive until help arrives. And while I can’t drag a full sized sleeping bag everywhere I go, this compact bag does not take up much room in my go-bag and it’s not heavy at all. I am a repeat customer and have bought several of these. I will continue buying them – that is how much I trust them.

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