GEMFINDER™ extrastrong Fishing Magnet

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  • Multi-use: the Fishing magnet is perfect for magnetic fishing, treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, as well as seeking for something old and mysterious. Using the fishing magnets to find some missing metal parts at your workshop or house yard.
  • Super Strength: The powerful magnetic force concentrated at the bottom is 260lbs
  • Best quality: ISO9001 and It is a Super strong powerful magnet, could use for a long time.
  • Best Coating: The nickel plating is the best coating of the fishing magnet, It is not easily damaged and rust. You could use it widely.


11 reviews for GEMFINDER™ extrastrong Fishing Magnet

  1. Nick J.

    Great product!

  2. Erin L.

    I’m new to magnet fishing. A friend of mine and I go magnet fishing on his boat and he has a set of magnets for me to use. They are round disks about 3 to 3 1/2” in diameter with thick magnets Inside. Three on one side and two on the opposite. Me,being 5 ft 1, 104lb, 41 yr old woman, gets pretty sore after many hours of throwing this set of magnets as far as I can into the middle of the bayou. I decided to buy my own magnets. I had enough extra money for one magnet so I got this one because of the pulling force and figured l could get more later. When it finally arrived, I was so excited and I took it out of the pkg and was like “seriously”? It’s so small, I’m going to get laughed at. I call my friend to let him know my magnet came in and he informed me that his son bought him a new magnet for Christmas. His magnet was more than double the size of mine. I was blushing and told him that size didn’t count and he’d better not laugh at my magnet. Now it’s time to test them out. My magnet is super light and I’m worried about it not sinking with the strong current and undercurrents. Well, in no time at all, I feel it pull to something and stop moving. I start pulling in and whatever I’m pulling on seems really heavy. It was a metal side rail to a bed plus some old cast iron nails attached to it also. I was so excited, I wouldn’t have been able to spell sh*t with three pencils. I ended up pulling more and bigger things than my friends did!!!!

    Ok, I circled the airport long enough and it’s time to land the plane. The magnet is super strong and outfished bigger magnets and only one magnet is needed. It’s extremely light. I’m very glad I bought this. I will definitely be buying another one. Best money ever spent.

  3. Maria S.

    Sounds like an exaggeration, but I have witnesses! Got a Bird scooter out of the lake with my very first throw! What a find!

    I will be upgrading my rope to use an anchor rode, right now I have just a regular hemp rode on the magnet.

    This is a VERY nice magnet to get started with. While powerful, I as a 64-year-old female can pry it off beams etc. that it gets caught on. With that said, it seems like if you are working a lot with things stuck in sediment, a more powerful magnet might be in order. Just be careful.

    On Day 4 with the magnet myself and my grand-nephew caught a MASSIVE anchor! You are going to need a grappling hook or separate rope to bring somethings up because you can get them to the water surface but breaking the surface, you’ll need something different.

  4. Bob B.

    Came in via UPS and Used it tonight, First time magnet fishing. Rookie mistake, tried it of a bridge and it of course went right to the metal girders! Stuck like glue! I am a pretty big guy and I had all I could do to get it off the girder! Slide it down till you can get it a little off the metal and it is a little easier.
    SUPER STRONG magnet in a small package, Maneuvered easily and picked up really well. One thing I will suggest is:get the Loctite that is recommended to go with it, it screws in and I had to re-tighten it twice in two hours.

  5. John J.

    I purchased this magnet for a very specific rescue mission. I had dropped a piece of a tool down a narrow pipe that I’d buried into the ground.
    This narrow pipe has a valve at the end that was now blocked from turning by this piece of a tool jammed down in there.

    Through a combination of wire hook manipulation, and this magnet, I was able to retrieve the piece so I could use the valve again.

    Now it’s just an awesome toy.

    Our 5 year old can hang on this thing it’s so strong.

    Maybe it’s time to try some entry level amateur magnet fishing. I know it isn’t really strong enough for big items sunk in mud, but I bet I can find something out there off a dock.

    Would buy again. 100% satisfied with my purchase.

  6. Stan V.

    This magnet is strong! Not sure how much weight it could actually hold, but it takes a good bit of force to get it off of anything it is stuck to. I was actually kind of worried that it would be too strong and I would be able to get what it is holding off, but it’s just right. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a strong durable magnet. DIYMAG has them packaged with a lot of protection and warnings in each box to let you know what can damage the magnet. I have even already recommended this to friends as this is higher quality at a better price then what I could find locally.

  7. George T.

    Found lots of cool tools the first time using it so far it’s great the magnet itself is a little smaller then I was expecting but it works great and is very strong I would definitely recommend using loctite on the threads to keep it from coming lose I give it 5 star just because i pretty much made my money back first time using it

  8. Peter P.

    fast shipping and great product … very happy!

  9. John S.

    Very strong pull picks up even items that are buried under light covering

  10. Ronald W.

    This magnet was even better than I expected! Will order another magnet ,because works so well.

  11. Stan W.

    Very powerful magnet I have yet to use it for underwater recovery just as described and arrived early

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