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Single Hand Operation: The ergonomic plastic handle can fit your palm perfectly. Nice for twisting wrist and single hand use

Remove Hooks Swallowed Deeply: Getting those troublesome hooks out , such as gut hook

More Protection: Don’t worry about those fish with sharp teeth, such as trout and snapper etc, the hook remover will keep your fingers away from hooks

Less Harm: Remove most of hooks even the deep embedded hooks with less harm to the fish that allows angler to release fish to water

Anodized Aluminum: Anodized Aluminum has a good corrosion resistance to salt water, the ergonomics plastic handle provides comfortable and natural grip



  1. John J.

    Really nice product

  2. new best tool for getting those hooks

    These are a must and my new best tool for getting those hooks out of Bass mouths. for getting the barb of the hooks in the upper stomachs, works absolutely great there and the fishes mouth. Secures the hook perfectly where you can maneuver the barb to get it out of the fish quickly and with the least about of damage to the fish. I have 3 of these, one in the front of the boat, back of the boat (for fishing partner) and in my tackle box for when I’m not in my boat.

    I like these longer ones for getting down to the opening of the stomach easier when that happens.

  3. Good tool for fish who take a big gulp!

    Removing a hook from the fishes lip is usually not too tough, but when they gulp it down this tool gets the hook out without ripping up the fish. It is especially good if it’s a treble hook, because your fingers are 6″ away from the three hooks. Good tool to carry for when it’s needed.

  4. I’ve used this to easily remove hooks from the mouths of saltwater catfish

    After years of fish slim and trying to retrieve hooks out of fish by hand, I decided to step up my game on catch and release. I’ve used this to easily remove hooks from the mouths of saltwater catfish. It works great and is intuitive. I couple it with a set of fish lip grabbers and can release fish without ever touching them. Besides lessening the smell, it’s better for the fish.

  5. Works well

    This product is so helpful in removing hooks. Just grab the hook as close to the bend as possible and you have control of it. I find this longer version is more beneficial to me, but I guess that depends on the size fish you are catching. Either way, the longer tool can be used on large or small fish…..this tool just about makes hook removal with pliers obsolete. A must have in anybody’s fish arsenal.

  6. ightweight and comfortable

    The item itself feels sturdy and lightweight at the same time. I would have left a 5* review but as soon as I pulled it out of the packaging the little rope loop came undone and I had to melt the ends to get it to loop back through the handle. Only a few min worth of work but more than should be expected buying a new product.

  7. Phenomenal item for removing deep hooked fish

    have been using this item for several months and I absolutely love it. I used plastic style hook removers in the past, but they tend to break down after 1 season of use. This hook remover is just as effective as anything I have used before, and its built to last a lot of season. Make sure to wash and dry it after use, but otherwise a fantastic product. Easily removed even deep throat set hooks from small trout and surf perch. Love it!

  8. Best thing ever!!!!

    Back in the 90s I had a plastic version of this concept I used for trout fishing. I loved it because I didn’t hurt the fish. When I saw this one I had to try it. After a weekend of surf fishing and catching over 40 different fish I love this one even more. Never had to touch many of the fish and the hook just popped right out. I will be getting another one for my wife’s kayak.

  9. Saves Fish

    This item is great for removing hooks that a fish swallow deeply. I can get this down into the throat and remove the hook without killing the fish pretty much every time. It really is much more gentle to the fish and allows it to swim away and be caught later as it grows bigger.

  10. They work great especially on deep hooked fish

    The fellas at the Fishing Pier call me to use this product. It’s a solid product hats helped me and other fellas in the Pier keep our hooks and the fish alive when the hook is deep in the gut… It’s helped use return stripers back into the ocean without any harm to the fish. It’s a solid product that will hold up to toothy aggresive fish.

  11. Sturdy, long, love the center shaft

    Great hook remover. Keeps my fingers away from the teeth, allows me to go deep for hooks, too. I love the center shaft, always had issues with the ‘pistol grip’ type, leverage is all wrong and they bind. These are wonderful. Had them out several times now in saltwater, no rust.

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