FISHBRIGHT 12v 180 LED 10.8W 1000 Lumens Green Fishing Light

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Small light but is extremely bright and definitely brings in the fish.

  • 12 Volt Submersible Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lamp Light
  • 5 Sided LED Fishing Light (360 degree view); 180 SMD Super Bright LED Lights, 900 lumens brightness;
  • 10.8 watts,0.9 amp draw,2000 lumens brightness, ultra-low battery consumption (runs 8 X Longer than halogen);
  • 50,000 Hours of continuous use; Replaceable Inner Globe; 9 inch length, easy to store no breakage;
  • Built-in lead weight; Heavy Duty 15′ Power Cord with battery clips ; weight: 395g(light: 190g, wire: 205g)




29 reviews for FISHBRIGHT 12v 180 LED 10.8W 1000 Lumens Green Fishing Light

  1. Mike B

    Amazing value for the money!
    I converted this light with a 12 v wall plug completely sealed in lexall and plugged it in on my dock for three years ( never unplugged it ) and the damn thing never quit!
    Always had fish swimming around my light at night.
    Caught plenty of nighttime snook right off my dock!

  2. Johnatan W.

    This has been submerged in brackish (salt and fresh mix) water from over a month and is still working with no modifications. I’ve had to clean it off with a paper towel, but that’s it so far. Barnacles have not yet tried to grow on it. I’ve seen plenty of bait fish swimming around it at night.

  3. Jack S.

    Super bright and very low power draw. Only one problem as other reviews have said and that is it will leak slightly if you don’t seal it well with silicone glue. For sure attracts fish

  4. Marta E.

    My husband really likes this light. He took it ice fishing last weekend and it worked great. It brought the fish in and if he hadn’t had it would probably not have caught anything.

  5. Asher R.

    I have had this light submerged off the end of my dock for over 2 years now (salt water). It has been running non-stop since installed. I was worried that the LED’s would not be hot enough to keep growth away. However, fish seem to be eating the barnacle/growth off the light. Huge growth over the non-lit areas, but it is still working! I never expected anything to last this long in a salt environment, especially at this price. Good stuff.

  6. Miranda S.

    Based on other reviews, I had my husband seal the ends with silicone. We took this on a sailing trip to the Caribbean and had a blast at night watching fish come up to it. We even had a small shark approach one night and eat another fish! Wish the cord was longer, but other than that, it served the intended purpose.

  7. Jessica R.

    husband uses this for fishing it worrrkkks great

  8. Ryan F.

    Works great by hooking it up directly to my boats 12v battery. It first attracts small plankton creatures, then small fish, then bigger fish and sometimes a sea lion.

  9. Andrew C.

    Small light but is extremely bright and definitely brings in the fish. Cord is plenty long too.
    Have used this numerous times with no issues. Should last for awhile. Would definitely recommend.

  10. Dylan O.

    Works great, time after time….a slight bit of condensation on first use, but haven’t noticed it again….it’s been in the water for at least 10 hours total and gives us the best night-time show on earth (well, on water).

  11. Aiden R.

    Two of these hooked up to a single deep cycle battery were going strong and bright after being on 24 hours a day for 10 days. Good light for such small units, and you could see the fish activity attracted to the lights, along with the bigger “bugs” that were attracting the fish..

  12. Daniel D.

    Like magic. Young and old are peering over the dock nightly, watching the piscatorial drama unfold.
    So much fun for so little money.
    Do yourself a favour and get one.

  13. Ethan R.

    These seem well constructed, good weight to them and give out a decent amount of light underwater. Only used a couple of times so far so will update if they deteriorate

  14. Logan M.

    180 LED’s close together..brighter than the 5000 lumen ones.

  15. Oliver O.

    Very nice light for the price. I have it in the water in my second well of a two well dock and can see it visibly for better than half my dock. I may get a second one o light up the whole area. Definitely attract fish and can’t wait to get some more..

  16. James S.

    a great light for fishing the pier as per my experience with it. it lit the water up really well considering it was a cloudy water area that night when i was trying it. I will be coming back to update when i use it on a clear water condition.

  17. Elijah I.

    I added about 20 feet of extension cord wire and now these are perfect. Make sure to use waterproof butt connectors

  18. Lucas U.

    the light in the picture shows it to be two feet long, but it is only 6″ long, I guess i missed the part of the advertisement that gave the length, or maybe it wasn’t on there.

  19. Caleb M.

    I have not got to use it on the water yet but has worked wonders for emergency lighting when the power goes off. I bring my boat batteries in every winter and keep them on a trickle charger and with this light it will light up our whole house. It is unreal how bright this light is! I will be getting another one for back up on my boat.

  20. Anthony O.

    Bought this light to go fishing on vacation at night and it more than did the job. Not only did it attract fish it entertained the kids while the adults caught the fish.

  21. Aaron S.

    Super bright for its size!!!! I fish off the bank with this light. I found a thick piece of Styrofoam cut it to shape round like a 5 gallon bucket then cut a hole center middle and drop the light it there when I put it in the water so it can float. Non stop catching all night long!!!!!! Will order 3 more

  22. Oliver W.

    Used once. No problem. Would be nice to have an inline off/on switch near battery terminals.

  23. Liam F.

    Was exactly what was described. I was shocked of how bright this light actually was. Well above my expectations. Attracted fish like it is suppose to have already used it 4 times since I recieved it.shipping was quick and delivered when was suppose to also packed properly .would strongly recommend this light and other items that are sold by this seller.custimer service has been outstanding

  24. Vincent S.

    Works like a charm first night used caught my limit in crappie.

  25. Phil P.

    I am actually using this as a swimming pool light wired to my landscape lighting. It has stayed submerged all summer and works great!

  26. Kevin F.

    For the price of 15 bucks, you cant go wrong. bass pro wanted 89.00 for one that was slightly longer but same amount of leds.

  27. John M.

    Worked great. Attracted 1000’s of baitfish. The light is smaller than i expected but was bright and did well.

  28. Peter G.

    Looks like daytime! in the dead of night when fishing! Bought 2 but one is sufficient, keeping the second as a spare, I will not return it.

  29. Nick J.

    Amazing product

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