DRYKEEPER™ – Waterproof Backpack

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WATERPROOF – Use professional seamless technology, our dry bag has overall waterproof capability, making sure to keep your items and valuables dry when you do some water sports like boating and kayaking but not underwater sports

DURABLE – Made by 0.02 in (0.6 mm) thick wear-resistant PVC material, suitable for outdoor activities, waterproof bag nicely adapts to all kinds of weather and environment

MULTIFUNCTION – Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Handle for shoulder carrying and backpack, very convenient for different occasions like boating, rafting, kayaking, swimming, mountaineering, etc. The lightweight dry bag won’t aggravate the burden of your arms or shoulder

VISIBLE – Transparent dry bag, easy to find your items without trouble, you don’t have to rummage through the bag to find your things and it’s able to read the message on your phone or pad

11 reviews for DRYKEEPER™ – Waterproof Backpack

  1. John J.

    Very cool and convenient

  2. A necessity for water sports…READ!

    This is really nice! Seems air-tight. There’s room for your phone, car keys, wallet & two extra large microfiber pool towels! It also came with a cellphone protector too! It all protects your necessities while floating, kayaking, canoeing or boating or even just at the neighborhood or campground pool. You never know when a water accident will happen & it’s best to be prepared. My daughters will be using this next weekend. So glad I bought this!

  3. Great dry bag!

    I bought this dry bag a replacement for a bag I lost. I am a diver, so I like having a dry bag to keep items like a towel, cell phones sunscreen, snacks while on the boat. It exceeded expectations! Excellent size, and I like that the bag is opaque so I can see what I’ve put inside. Everything stayed dry, and I like the attached carrying strap. Though I didn’t use it because I wasn’t carrying the bag for very long at any time, it seems sturdy and relatively comfortable.

  4. Prefect Size!

    Well made. Just the right size for our river tubing trip. just need something to hold a small towel and sun cover up as well as sunscreen.

  5. Great Bag

    Can’t complain for the price. I love the product and use it for fishing and kayaking. The phone case is a bit awkward to use so I don’t.

  6. Waterproof and cheap!

    Completely waterproof and see-through so you can keep an eye on your belongings. Hasn’t failed me yet on the river. Great buy for the price!

  7. Dry bag great, not sure about free phone bag.

    My first thought was the dry bag might not be waterproof relying solely on folding the top over 3 times & buckling the 2 ends together. I haven’t put it to the test yet but believe it might be waterproof if not submerged more than a few inches. The 5L size is perfect for underseat plane luggage.

    The free included cell phone bag is a different matter, it just didn’t look like it was waterproof. I tested it in a tub of water, 3″. I submerged it for a couple of minutes. The sheet of toilet paper i put inside came out dry. So like the bag I believe any camera or cellphone sealed inside might be ok but not more than a few inches below the surface. The case is crystal clear so you can take photos without much distortion. My Galaxy S7 fit inside but just barely. Air is trapped inside but not much if you have a camera/phone so don’t except it to float without a separate float ring attached. But hey, it was free & will protect from sand/rain for sure.

  8. Fantastic Value- Best Thing I Brought on My Cruise

    This was a last-minute purchase when I was panic-buying a lot of weird stuff in preparation for my first cruise. Magnetic hooks? Seized by the cruise line. Over the door pocket holder? Useless without hooks. Accupressure seasickness bands? Never needed them.

    But this dry bag was actually SUPER useful. I used it all the time–for the beach days, the pool days, and ended up liking it so much I just toted it with me at other times too. It was super lightweight, perfectly waterproof, and kept the water and SAND out of our cell phones. It was very easy to roll up and establish the waterproof seal on. Now that I’m back home, I’ll continue to use this all the time, and probably invest in one or two larger bags as well, since I live near the ocean and love kayaking. HIGHLY recommend this handy little bag

  9. Perfect for kayaking

    Bought this for holding food and personal items while kayaking and it’s perfect. The material is thick and sturdy and completely water proof. Its hold quite a bit too. It easily fits food for two, sunblock and sanitizer, and a small towel. When properly sealed with air in it, it floats on the water and it has multiple hooks on it to attach it directly to the kayak which means I dont have to worry about losing it. It isnt as compact as some other brands but for the price this is well worth it. The phone case it comes with is too small for my galaxy S9+ with otter box protector. But it is a rather large phone and would fit without the otter box covering it.

  10. Decent Bag, but fails under pressure

    I put this bag through a few tests since it’s important to me to have something that will hold up under various conditions. It passed every test with the exception of pressure. In the scenario where your bag is pulled under water, this bag does not reliably retain its waterproofing ability. In scenarios where water is poured on it or it’s floating on water, no issues. If you are looking for a good bag, this is it. If you are looking for a perfect bag, you’ll have to spend more. For me, this bag will work under many of my situations, but not all.

  11. Great bag for everyday and outdoor use!

    I brought this to the rainforest with me to be able to keep my phone dry, an extra t-shirt, and hold my sunglasses. It worked great! I was able to leave air in it to make it buoyant as well as expell most of the air when I wanted it to be small.
    It only takes a few seconds to open and close, and you can add a strap if you want to sling it across your chest. It works well in keeping things dry, though humidity will still make things somewhat moist but that’s just how it is. I’m sure you can stick something inside to absorb moisture if you think it will be particularly high in humidity where you’re going! Also worked great at the beach, it’s relatively easy to keep sand out of your stuff with it, though I wouldn’t leave it exposed to direct sunlight for too long! On a more day to day use, I leave it in my gym bag and use it to transport my sweaty and or wet clothes inside my regular gym bag so as to keep bad odors and moisture contained. Pretty great bag!

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