ChainBlaster™ – Wood Carving Chain Disc (4 inch)

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  • 4″ Diameter; Maximum running RPM is 14,000 RPM
  • Fits most of the 4 or 4-1/2 Inch angle grinders. Cuts in any direction
  • Cuts everything from hardwood, plastics and other soft materials. Great for curved work, cutting sculpting, gauging and channeling
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11 reviews for ChainBlaster™ – Wood Carving Chain Disc (4 inch)

  1. John J.


  2. Watch the chips fly. Great tool.

    I’m a wood turner(lathe). Getting bland ready for the lathe has always been a chore. No longer. This wood carving disk is a true time saver and fun to use. Go slow at first as this little gem can really hog out the wood if you allow it to.

  3. Well priced, does the job easily!

    This wood carving blade did the job my husband was hoping it would do. It fir our chainsaw well, was easy to install and provided him with; the ability to cut up all the tree wood that our 80 ft. Pine tree brought. He is quite pleased with this blade.

  4. Fast accurate carving.

    Bought this to make carved wooden flags. Really made short work of the carving process.

  5. very sharp

    worked very well ,small stump removal.

  6. Nice tool for my project.

    Cool little disc saw, cut through wood like a butter.
    Useful for my project.

  7. Sharp

    It works. Keep anything you don’t want cut out the way.

  8. Careful when installing chain hard to get back on

    Boy does this cuts wood very quickly and easy. I don’t have to use the big heavy chainsaw. Quick to cut and light weight.

  9. Cut and shape where it would be hard any other way.

    So i took this out of the package, and found that i had to take the blue hub out to get it on my grinder. In the process the two plates came apart and i had to reassemble it. It is easy to put the chain on backwards. Make sure you look at the rotation diagram on the bottom plate and assemble it so that it cups down. You will likely have to adjust the blade so that it fits evenly in between the plates before you tighten it down the drive shaft bolt for use.
    Overall i am happy. Another tool in my kit for whatever project comes my way.

  10. Great tool to have when working with wood.

    Used this wood carving disc to cut most of my arcade housing. Cut through the wood very easy and clean. If you can use a grinder then you will easily be able to use this disc.

  11. Worked so fast was very surprised

    Works a lot better then I thought it would. Wear arm protection and be aware it tries to grad material. Definitely makes short work of carving

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